Gaunson House N15

Gaunson House is a hot-bed of creativity, innovation and inspiring people, right in the center of Harringay Warehouse District’s established creative community.

Inside, you’ll find a maze of studios and workshops, ranging from compact single occupancy studios, to large open plan spaces ideal for business and individuals looking to work collaboratively.

Gaunson House has been shaped by it’s eclectic mix of inhabitants, from architects, to music producers and textile designers - not to mention Craving Coffee right next door.

Sitting right in the cross section between Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale, Gaunson House is ideally placed for North London creatives and offers a one-off working environment found nowhere else in the city.


An inspiring alternative to commercial office space, The Greenhouse offers co-working and private studios for creatives, freelancers and forward-thinking SMEs. Our members are a community of established names including The Guardian Bookshop, Archant and Greenpeace, alongside leading independents in design, music, F & B and publishing. Spaces available now.


Gaunson House, Markfield Road, N15 4QQ